Video & Documentaries

FILMBEE produces HD VIDEO and documentary work for artists and cultural institutions, from full documentation of events like the AV Festival, to working collaboratively with artists on their own VIDEO projects, or making documentary films with socially engaged themes.

Our interest as artist filmmakers is in making works with an attention to aesthetic and critical considerations, which have a high quality style that ensures their longevity as cultural products. This approach to visual style goes hand in hand with an ethical commitment to a representation of authenticity and a sensitivity to archive and historical material.

We use high quality, rented camera equipment, grip equipment and sound kit to get the best image and sound quality possible.

We would like to hear from you if you need our HD VIDEO MAKING services.

FILMBEE member Mat Fleming has began a 10 month residency at the School of Life Sciences in Dundee University. Mat was awarded the Leverhulme Trust bursary for the residency where he is currently shadowing scientists using high powered microscopes.