The first permanent  Filmbee darkroom in the disused toilets at Waygood Studios on High Bridge 2002 - 2004


FILMBEE is an artist-run film co-operative in the North-East UK, set up primarily to work creatively within analogue film culture. As well as creating a context for photo-chemical moving-image art practice, we offer specialised documentary services and education in analogue and digital filmmaking.  We also curate film programmes of artist moving image work and specialised cinema.

FILMBEE started in 2002 with an experimental film workshop for an expanded cinema event in the Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. The participants of that workshop subsequently set up a darkroom for experimental photo-chemical moving-image work that existed at the Waygood (2002-4), then Harkers Art Studios (2004-6) and has had a permanent home at the Star and Shadow Cinema since 2006. The products of this lab have been shown at numerous film festivals, alternative screening spaces, galleries and on the internet.

We run a filmlab in Newcastle upon Tyne, maintained, equipped and improved to preserve and promote the use of film for film-makers, artists, amateurs and the wider community. Our film and video services are available to artists, community groups, local authorities and commissioning bodies, ranging from commissioned artworks to sensitive and like-minded documentation for art projects, and documentaries with an attention to authenticity. We run workshops in analogue and digital film techniques at out lab and further afield. We are in the process of creating an archive of the work we have produced.

We organise screening events, notably LOSING THE PLOT, a film retreat in the North Pennines.

A van kitted out as a darkroom for Berwick Film and Media Arts festival, parked up in Berwick for a week and running off solar power and mains electric.

The darkroom in Harkers

Film Bee's first effort at contructing a darkroom together in the basement at Waygood Studios

Film Bee's darkroom in its current incarnation at the Star and Shadow Cinema